Tips for Reducing Braces Pain

Getting Dental Braces to straighten crooked teeth is a decision that will pay handsome dividends for your oral health later on. Every 4 weeks or so, the patient needs to visit their dentist to have their braces adjusted or tightened. The treatment period usually goes on for about 1 to 3 years, depending on the severity of the teeth misalignment, until the desired results are achieved.  

Throughout the treatment period, patients may experience some level of pain as a result of the teeth being corrected to move to its targeted position. This is normal and here are some useful tips for reducing braces pain: 

Apply cold compress  

Use an ice pack on the cheeks to help relieve the pain. It reduces inflammation and swelling as a result of pressure being applied to the teeth and gums.  

Indulge in frozen delights  

If using ice packs on cheeks don’t do enough to reduce the pain, indulge in eating ice cream or popsicle sticks, suck on ice cubes, or make it a point to drink cold water as often as possible to help alleviate the pain. The cold temperature will help soothe the pain momentarily. 

Treat mouth sores right away 

Getting braces means having metal wires inside your mouth and this increases your risk of getting mouth sores. To treat mouth sores, gargle with lukewarm water with a little amount of salt. This is an effective DIY remedy for treating mouth sores. Another effective treatment of mouth sores is to buy over the counter medicines for mouth sores. 

Change diet to softer foods 

With braces on, it may get a little harder to eat than usual. Eat foods that you can easily chew and swallow. Soup or any liquid food can help. It also helps to slice your food into smaller, more manageable sizes. The patient is also advised to avoid eating food that requires you to exert more force to bite and chew like nuts, corn on the cob, or hard rolls. 

Take pain relievers 

Buy over the counter pain relievers or oral anesthetics that were advised by your dentist if pain persists. Take the recommended dosage and the best time to take them would be before going to bed. A peaceful sleep can help you face the next day with more vigor. 

Don’t think about the pain 

Distract yourself and forget about the pain you’re experiencing. Tell your mind that there is no pain and get preoccupied with other important things. This helps you focus more on what you’re doing and not about the discomfort on your teeth. The less you think about the pain, the more productive you will be.